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Roman as the Editor

Oct 16, 2019Author's Notes

As a mother, I am passionate about education and entrepreneurship. With my son Roman as the editor, I have written a children’s entrepreneurial series of books. The series will start with 3 books teaching the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. We cover the following: financial literacy, budgeting, profit and loss, problem-solving, critical thinking, and more. Each topic is vital in entrepreneurship but also in life. To truly prepare the next generation we must teach the basics and that’s exactly what we do in this series!

This has been a project brewing for a few years! The main characters in the series are my children Roman and Raquel! I captured all the pieces of them and added them to this series. This is passion and purpose work for me. This entrepreneurial book series is a platform to teach our young students business and entrepreneurship in a way they can relate and enjoy each book!

My passion for our youth builds stronger by the day! My partner in crime and my number 1 supporter my son Roman joined me as my editor! Roman reads daily and truly enjoys literature! He did an amazing job editing each book for the series. He is preparing to write kid chapter books! We will release 3 books along with backpacks, lunch bags, jigsaw puzzles, and more Friday, November 29th!


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